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Donating Obsolete Notebookes to Caritas Computer Refurbish Project

In response to the company environmental policy, and to support recycling and waste reduction, (NHK) Information Technology Department registered for the “Computer Refurbish Project” run by Caritas-Hong Kong Computer Workshop (CCW) which is funded by Environmental Protection Department (EPD) of the HK Government. In March, we have donated total 6 notebooks and 2 desktop computers, 9 switches and 1 projector to CCW which served as one of our Green initiations.

Due to rapid evolution of technology, vast amount of computers and computer accessories are disposed in Hong Kong each year. Most of them contain substances that are harmful to people and the environment. CCW collects used computers and computer accessories for refurbishment and recycling. The collected will be tested, refurbished, upgraded and donated free of charge or sold to the deprived and the NGOs at low price. And the unserviceable computers and parts will be dismantled into different parts for further recycling based on the EPD guidelines.

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